How to keep the romance after children


Wednesday, June 03, 2015

How to keep the romance after children.

A few weeks ago, at Radio ABC I was asked how to keep the romance after having  8 children.

In my first marriage my husband was very romantic. Our small children did not deter him from thinking about me and expressing his affection. He brought clothing, lingerie and chocolates. He booked me hair appointments,  dinners at restaurants and arranged the baby sitter. I in return was not very romantic. I seemed emotionally stuck when it came to returning the thoughtful gestures I was receiving. I was more focused on the children and finances. 

Sadly our marriage ended after 7 yrs and 5 children.

My current husband and I are continuously busy with work, children and our gorgeous grand child. Yet, despite our lack of alone time together and extremely vast differences, these are the romantic actions we have done to stay together in our life  with 8 children. You can add to this list as much as you like. You may have access to more money and time than we! Be the initiator! If you need romance, make it happen. 

  • talk - about everything ; text throughout the day                                                                                        
  • sit on couch together ; watch movies; buy secret snacks; hold hands
  • have showers together; lay around; sleep in, on days off
  • say 'sorry'; say, 'I forgive you'; go to marriage counselling 
  • say, 'I love you,' ; hug; be friends
  • workout together; have a spa; look good; keep fit
  • dress up; go out for lunch; go out for dinner; go to special events; visit new places
  • sing together; dance; have regular family celebrations 
  • take time out alone to de-stress and reflect...absence makes the heart grow fonder
  • watch husband mow lawns and fix car; help wife with dishes 
  • take pics of husband playing with the kids; look at photo albums and treasure  good times
  • ask husband to massage you every night
  • make another baby :)